Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Live reporting - Councilor Comments

Doak - I want to thanks the Charter Commission for the work they did, there is a lot of good info here that we'll need to get into.

Pfeffer - I thought Gov Patrick did very well with handling the comments, especially with asking for if you don't want this cut, where do we cut?

Nutting - I can't tell you how proud I was of the Senior Center, it was wonderful to have the Governor there

Whalen - Downtown Partnership, general meeting at Dean 8:30 AM
Third Thursday 5/21/09
Strawberry Festival, June 19th
Networking Luncheon, May 27th Golder Room

I'd like to know more about it?

Nutting - The Quinn provides a financial incentive for a degree, town pays half and state pays half; bachelors degree gets a 10% bump, the town puts in 5 and the state puts in 5. If it gets cut, the town side would still be there, the state side wouldn't. Effects folks differently depending upon their rank and their education level, it can be part of their base pay would would affect their detail rate.

Bartlett - Dow e pay any reimbursement for them on the courses themselves?

Nutting - there are 8 collective bargaining agreements, I'd like to get back to you specifically on that. I don't won't to mis-speak

Bartlett - I found it interesting that Gov Patrick has the same issue with explaining the capital vs operating budget problem that we do.

Feeley - It think it should be noted that despite what reported in the Milford Daily News, the town did provide space and was willing to do the retro-fitting necessary for the Franklin Food Pantry.

The Council went into Executive Session for purposes of collective bargaining not to return to open meeting.

(my editorial note: per Joyce Kelly, it was part of the article and the editor cut it out.)

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