Monday, April 29, 2013

Earth Day, every day

Franklin celebrated Earth Day on Saturday with a coordinated clean up effort. Bags and sanitary gloves were provided to help with the sweat and effort that the many volunteers brought to the event. Coffee and donuts to start, pizza at the finish.

earth day, every day
I talked with Ryan Jette about the turnout and he was pleased. Those who helped got a t-shirt.

DPW Truck with trash collected
Good weather for the day, what more could you ask for?

part of the trash collection
I was there towards the end but before everyone else had returned for the pizza so this pile is only a sample of the good work done around town. There is more to be done which is one reason why the t-shirt says "Earth day, every day."

tree seedlings were available for planting
In addition to picking up trash, tree seedlings were available for planting. Ron Clough shared his insight by saying: "Do you know how to tell which seedlings are dogwood trees? You can tell by looking at the bark!"

As with most things, a little humor goes a long way.

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