Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Live reporting - Rail Trail Committee, Housing Authority

Franklin & Bellingham Rail Trail Committee

Marc Kaplan, Ed Barth

need an engineering plan before advertising for fill to use for the earthen ramp over Prospect St

copy of presentation to be added later

Franklin Housing Authority
Lisa Audette, Chris Feeley
Richard Lego of Mass NAHRO

Copy of handout to be added later

There is a waiting list of varying length for applicants for the different categories of space available

approx. 30% of gross income for rent for a disabled senior

Governor's proposal would remove the local housing authorities
and replaced by six regional agencies

local touch and local service created the jewel that is the Franklin Housing Authority
The inventory of housing already exists with local oversight and approval
it should remain that way

the NAHRO proposal starts with the local housing, the local neighborhoods, the local control
one of the key elements of the local housing authority is to have the immediate and local attention

the NAHRO proposal for foster collaboration among the local housing authorities, there are over 50 efforts already in place, this proposal would help to expand that reach

Public housing is not all like Chelsea
House Bill 1094, Senate Bill 612

Roy - thank you, you do a fantastic job. I got a fantastic tour of the housing and got to meet with some of the residents. I did not recognize the service that is being provided in this community

Bissanti - how do they approach you?
Audette - they can call us and we will either mail them an application, or help them fill it out
Franklin residents are prioritized, veterans are prioritized

There are vacancies but they fill pretty quickly
There are more turnovers among the seniors as they age and are unable to take care of themselves.

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