Monday, April 29, 2013

"a wonderful community service"

The Milford Daily News covers the Neighbor Brigade here in Franklin.
The goal is to get every town in Massachusetts to join," said Gagnon, who started recruiting for Franklin’s chapter early last summer. 
As chapter leader, Gagnon’s job is to schedule volunteers when new requests roll in. Depending on the circumstances, their work takes on many forms, from shopping for groceries to cleaning a home to preparing dinner. 
For instance, Gagnon has volunteers aiding a 37-year-old mother who’s preparing to undergo cancer treatment. They will help the woman’s family for two months while she recovers. 
"We need everything covered so the family can go on in a somewhat normal way," Gagnon said. "We are going to do weekly house cleaning and whatever else comes about. I have volunteers set up to go in there each Tuesday for two to three hours.

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