Sunday, April 28, 2013

Franklin High School Tour (photo essay)

The tour of Franklin High School on Wednesday, Apr 24 drew the best attendance of all the school tours this year. Principal Peter Light welcomed all and was joined by Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski, Asst Superintendent Sally Winslow, and School Committee members Pamela McIntyre and John Jewell. The tour started outside as it was still daylight and a good time to get a teaser of what the new building looks like before getting into the current facility.

magic underway
There is magic underway! Steel and concrete are being transformed into a wonderful learning place.

front right corner, Principal's office
In this front right corner, the Principal's office will be located where the circular section appears.

design view of entrance and principals office 
This is one of the design views showing by comparison the front right section of the building as it will look when finished.

Additional design photos can be found here or on the NewFHS website

crane view
The cranes are raising the additional sections along the front where the library and gymnasium will be.

Classroom walls
In the back right corner of the new building, they are just starting to frame out the walls. This would be one of the classrooms in the new media center.

grand stairwell
The steel pieces sticking up with the orange caps are the footings for the stairway that will be the grand stairway up from the main entrance.

interior courtyard
There is an empty space just beyond this first section of building. This will be the opening for the interior courtyard. It will allow light and air into the interior sections of the building.

art in entrance hallway
As we moved inside to the current facility, I spent time capturing some of the art work along the halls and murals on the walls. Discussions are underway on which of the mural and other art work will move to the new building and which will not. The students in the new building will need to make it their own space while carrying some of the past with them.

Roman mural - H wing
Walking along H Wing, there are several large murals on the walls. This one of a Roman scene.

French themed mural

This one of a French scene

The Beatles
The Beatles

Spanish themed mural
Spanish themed mural

directions to water
The arrow points to the water fountain.

I did not complete the tour on Wednesday evening. I left before it finished to get to the Town Council meeting and report on the happenings there. You can find my notes updated with the DPW presentation copy here

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