Sunday, April 28, 2013

Working on a silent film in North Attleboro "Right There"

Film Production Company, IM Filmworks is at it again preparing to film their 9th film this May. IM Filmworks is a local production company run by North Attleboro resident, Nathan Suher, and Seekonk resident, Gregory Capello. Their collaboration over the years has yielded an impressive portfolio of creative projects almost exclusively shot in town of North Attleboro, or surrounding communities. 
Their current project, RIGHT THERE, is a romantic comedy about a simple man’s persistent attempts to gain the attention of a beautiful woman eating lunch on a park bench over the course of 30 days. “This isn’t your average romantic comedy”, says Nathan Suher, director. By this he means that RIGHT THERE will be a silent film. Nathan says that this film will have a heavy influence from the early era of filmmaking. “I’ve always been a gigantic fan of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Our film’s goal is to recapture this golden era of cinema.” 
Production is slated to take place this May in downtown North Attleboro, MA and will use many storefronts and local businesses for locations, including Bistro 45, Mackie’s Restaurant, Cut, and Speed of Though Playhouse. Many local actors and crew have been brought on to participate in this film including Ryan Hanley, Andre Boudreau, and Brooklyn, NY actress Lauren Ashleigh. RIGHT THERE is written by longtime collaborator Ian Taylor, as well as Nathan Suher and Gregory Capello. 
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