Saturday, May 4, 2013

"To me, life’s just too short"

In February, Drengberg, under the pen name P.L. Byers, might have become the first CEO in the defense industry to publish a romance novel. 
“Divine Intervention,” her first self-published book, revolves around a harrowing plane crash that brings together the only two survivors. 
“I enjoy these types of stories because much of what I do for a living is reading defense contracts,” she said, sitting in front of The Cake Bar on a recent afternoon. “When you’re done with that, you want to read something that makes you feel good, that’s light and has a good ending. Romance novels put me in another world, where I’m not thinking about helicopters …” 
Drengberg, who lives in Franklin with her husband, Mark, read romance novels feverishly as a young girl. Her first was Kathleen Woodiwiss’s “The Flame and the Flower,” which sparked her interest in writing.

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