Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Live reporting: Town Council - 5/1/13

Present: Mercer, Powderly, Vallee, Bissanti, Roy
Absent: Dellorco, Kelly, Pfeffer, Jones

none this evening

B. ANNOUNCEMENTS – This meeting is being recorded by Franklin TV and shown on Comcast channel 11 and Verizon channel 29. This meeting may be recorded by Franklin Matters.

Motion to appoint Tom Mercer as Clerk for this meeting
second, passed 5-0-4



Design Review Commission - Claudine Silverman
motion to approve, passed 5-0-4

Historical Commission - Pearce Murphy, Maureen Murphy, Alice Vendetti as associate members
motion to approve, passed 5-0-4


adjusted the agenda to fill in time before the 7:10 scheduled hearing
Change of Manager /New Officer-Director/Transfer of Stock – M and C Restaurant Group, Inc. dba Alumni Restaurant & Bar
motion to approve, passed 5-0-4

New Wine & Malt Package Store License – Angela Hayat Corporation dba DB Mart 1
motion to approve, passed 5-0-4

Discussion on training requirements
amend motion to only release license upon completion of training by all employees
amendment seconded, and approved 5-0-4

Attorney speaking to their enhancement of the services provided

neighbors speaking against the trash currently found in the area from the store
objections to the lack of parking at the store no need to add alcohol to the operations
school bus stop right at the store, not necessary, already advertising cigarettes, soon to be alcohol

Owners will be adding to the parking lot and working on better trash maintenance for the area

Concern about the size of the lot to be able to meet the needs of the increased traffic and business at the store

The owners are looking to see if they will be able to obtain the license to commit to working on the site plan. They have engineer and draft design. 

Concern about the chicken and egg nature of the proposal
more likely to be selling to the existing customers

Full blown site plan would be addressing these issues via the Planning Board process

"you can't sell drugs at the Kennedy school, why sell alcohol?"

motion to continue the hearing to May 8th at 7:15 PM

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