Thursday, May 2, 2013

Send BMAC down under!

G’day! I’m Brittany MacLeod, but my mates call me BMAC. I’m an electrically enthusiastic sheila who squeezes the most out of every day. I’m always down for an adventure and to explore. I’m the furthest thing from shy and love meeting new people. Variety is the spice of life, which is why I’m applying for the best job in the world! 
The 30 second entry video for this contest wasn’t enough time for me to express just how fun and qualified I am to be Chief Funster, so I decided to create a social media campaign [leading up to the day they announce the final contestants] further convincing why Australia should pick me for the best job in the world!
If you don't already know Brittany, you can quickly find out a lot about her with this campaign for the 'best job in the world.'

I remember Brittany as she was the FHS Student representative to the School Committee for a couple of years. This was in the time where my schedule allowed me to report from more of those meetings than I have been able to recently. She was always a bundle of energy.

So what is one lesson to take away from this? For those in the job market, this is a good example of what it can take to get what you want. That BMAC, an FHS graduate, is now one of the top 25 out of thousands of applications from around the world for a position in Australia is significant.

Will this kind of social media campaign work for every job applicant? No, but consider what you can do for your job search circumstances. This topic will be one of those on the agenda for discussion at the Job search Jam Sessions coming up on June 14th.

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