Tuesday, October 6, 2020

In the News: "The system isn’t broken right now"

From the Milford Daily News, an article of interest for Franklin:

"Question 2 on the Tuesday, Nov. 3 ballot asks the Massachusetts electorate to adopt ranked-choice voting for nearly all federal and state races — excluding U.S. president — that result in a single winner.

A “yes” vote on the binding referendum supports replacing the plurality-voting system in place with ranked choice voting. A “no” vote opposes changing the existing plurality voting.

If Question 2 passes, ranked-choice voting would be implemented for the primary and general elections in 2022. It would come into play when three or more candidates compete in a single-seat election.

Yes on 2 proponents pitch ranked-choice as a remedy to plurality-voting problems — chiefly split voting and spoiler candidates — in crowded Massachusetts elections."

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I am still not convinced of the proposed benefits for ranked choice voting. If I were to schedule a Zoom conference bridge to talk through the pros and cons would you be interested? It wouldn't be recorded, but we (whomever shows up) could discuss this topic. Let me know if you are interested via email or comment.

The Franklin Community Voting Guide for November 2020 is ready for your use to prepare to vote.

In the News: "The system isn’t broken right now"
In the News: "The system isn’t broken right now"

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