Monday, September 12, 2022

2 RMV inspection stickers changes starting Oct 1 (no printed report) and Nov 1 (change in sticker date for late inspections)

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is announcing, effective November 1, 2022, motor vehicles passing required inspections will get a new sticker with the month the last sticker expired, valid for one year.  Any vehicle owner late in getting a vehicle inspected, beyond one year from the last inspection, will no longer get a sticker displaying the month the new inspection occurred. 

Vehicles with inspection stickers that expired last year will receive a January sticker of the current year the vehicle is being inspected, no matter the month the vehicle is inspected this year.  This change does not impact the requirements for newly purchased vehicles.  All newly purchased vehicles must be inspected within seven days of the vehicle registration date and will receive a sticker of the month in which it was inspected and is valid for one year.

“Safety of the Commonwealth’s roadways is the most important reason for motor vehicle inspections.  Vehicle inspections check tire treads, ensure all light signals are working and even check the front ball joints. It is the law that motor vehicles are inspected every year,” said Registrar of Motor Vehicles Colleen Ogilvie. “Vehicle owners are required to have the inspection done one year from the month the last inspection was done. We are asking all vehicle owners to place safety first and make sure to check your inspection date, and don’t be late.”

“Light-duty cars and trucks are equipped with emission control systems that reduce pollution to protect public health and the environment. It is important that these systems are tested annually to ensure proper emissions controls,” said Commissioner Martin Suuberg of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). “The change being implemented by the RMV will help ensure that all vehicles are inspected every year.”

The penalty for driving vehicles with an expired sticker, or driving an uninspected vehicle, may result in a moving violation and lead to additional fines, or suspension if unpaid, and even a surchargeable incident which increases the vehicle owner’s insurance costs.

There is no change for owners who get their vehicles inspected on time or before the due date. Owners will continue to receive the sticker with the number of the month in which the vehicle was inspected.

In addition, starting October 1, 2022, in an effort to reduce paper waste in the environment, vehicle owners will no longer receive a printed inspection report when a vehicle passes inspection.  Instead, owners can easily access and print a report by going online to Mass Vehicle Check or by using a cell phone and scanning the QR code on the poster displayed at the inspection site.  If a vehicle fails the inspection, the owner will be provided with a printed vehicle inspection report by the inspection station.

The Massachusetts Vehicle Check, a joint effort between the MassDEP and the RMV, is the vehicle emissions testing and safety inspection program for the Commonwealth. Vehicle owners can get an inspection at any of the 1,800 licensed inspection stations in Massachusetts.

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2 RMV inspection stickers changes starting
2 RMV inspection stickers changes starting

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  1. This is part of the Commonwealth's War on people of modest means, more or less criminalizing activities that are almost always trivial in nature. By making an onerous regime less flexible, it will encourage car owners to immediately accept repair estimates from the inspecting station, which will likely be inflated. This also enhances revenue for the Commonwealth through even more fines. More to the point, it is easy for law enforcement to squeeze money out of otherwise law-abiding citizens than it is to catch and prosecute the actual flagrant law breakers. All in all, a very bad idea.