Sunday, September 11, 2022 We Just Got One o’ These

It’s Big, Hefty, Fast, Rugged, and Reliable.
Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 9/11/2022

Got data? Yes, we do. Lots of it. Video files are quite large. Need a place to keep them. Lots of them. That’s what happens when you produce hundreds of TV programs a year. Archiving and managing an expanding library of programming requires an expanding amount of data storage. The storage system also has to be very fast to move that video from and to our four digital video editing systems. This is part of all that stuff –racks of it – as the infrastructure that keeps an operation running.

It’s Big, Hefty, Fast, Rugged, and Reliable
It’s Big, Hefty, Fast, Rugged, and Reliable

Twenty years ago (2002) I designed a video-data storage system for TV stations in Boston. That system was a room full of hardware. It cost $1,200,000 bucks. A truckload of gear for a truckload of money. It held only 6 Terabytes. Today that’s just one hard drive – right off the shelf from Best Buy. Thisbox holds 96 Terabytes, 16 times more – a digital truckload of data for only 3percent of the 2002 cost.

Yes, it’s big, hefty, fast – and ruggedly reliable.

Even after these many years that I have been engaged in this brave new digital world, I am dazzled by how rapidly it continues to expand.

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