Monday, September 12, 2022

Pantherbook: Like to Argue? Join Mock Trial!

A regular feature we like to share is that of the output by the Pantherbook team at Franklin High School. This is one of the first piece for the new school year and talks about one of the successful clubs at FHS - Mock Trial. 

"Like to argue? Enjoy public speaking? Interested in law or acting? If so, Mock Trial is the club for you! 

First, what is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is one of the most successful and competitive clubs at FHS. It simulates trials using fictitious cases, typically made by the Mass Bar Association, that change every year. There are two types of cases: civil and criminal. Also, there are two main roles for club members: Attorneys and Witnesses.

The attorney is in charge of creating a line of questioning that is either helpful to the witness (or not helpful, if the attorney is opposing the witness.) If the attorney is opposing the witness, they would be recognized as a Cross Attorney, and the Attorney on the witness’s side would be considered a Direct Attorney. Members of the club with a witness role will be given a person in the trial to play. This role will align with the affidavit also given, which the club member should know very well. "
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The Mock Trial Team after their Intrasquad Scrimmage in Spring 2022. (Mr. Perkins  photo)
The Mock Trial Team after their Intrasquad Scrimmage in Spring 2022. (Mr. Perkins  photo)

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