Wednesday, March 15, 2023

EPA proposes updates to PFAS regulations

"The US Environmental Protection Agency has taken the extraordinary step of setting legal drinking water limits for six of the most studied and toxic PFAS compounds, known commonly as “forever chemicals”, that are at the center of an ongoing environmental crisis.

The new limits mark the first time in 26 years that the EPA has set legal limits for a contaminant in drinking water. Municipal utilities will be required to remove the compounds from drinking water, which could set off a wave of lawsuits directed at PFAS polluters, including the US military and chemical producers like 3M, DuPont and Chemours.

The new rules are “groundbreaking”, said Erik Olson, senior strategic director for the Natural Resources Defense Council non-profit, which tracks PFAS pollution.

“We have a five-alarm fire, and setting strong standards will help ensure the fundamental right of every family to have safe water flowing from their kitchen tap,” he said."
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Franklin currently has one well offline due to PFAS. The annual water quality report shows the results of regular water testing. A podcast series (approx. 90 minutes total) talks through the process of water quality from well to faucet. It can be found posted on the Town page 


EPA proposes updates to PFAS regulations
EPA proposes updates to PFAS regulations

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