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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Franklin Residents: Curbside Trash and Recycling Delayed One Day This Week

Good evening, this is the Franklin Department of Public Works calling with important information regarding our Solid Waste and Recycling program.  My name is Pavo, the electronic voice of the Franklin Public Works.  
Unfortunately, we were informed by Waste Management that trash and recycling will be delayed by one day.  This is a regional, area-wide decision because of the recent blizzard.  Franklin was ready for a regular trash and recycling pickup, but I guess some surrounding communities were not.
Your DPW Director, Brutus, wants me to let you know that if your normal trash day is Monday, it will now be on Tuesday, Tuesday pick up will be on Wednesday, Wednesday trash and recycling will be picked up Thursday, Thursday trash and recycling will be picked up on Friday, and Friday's trash and recycling will be picked up on Saturday.
Thank you all for your support during this weekend's storm and have a great DPW day!

You received this message because you are subscribed to the [Town of Franklin-Residents] group.

Curbside Trash and Recycling Delayed One Day This Week
Curbside Trash and Recycling Delayed One Day This Week

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Did you know there is an App to help prevent food waste?

Brett Feldman (@BFeldmanEnergy) tweeted on Mon, Jan 17, 2022:
"App to prevent food waste launches in Providence"

Link to Boston Globe article (subscription maybe required) ->

I did download the app and was pleased to find that the Fresh Start Market is listed. Hopefully, more businesses/food places will utilize this ... 

Too Good To Go - app screengrab
Too Good To Go - app screengrab

Sunday, July 11, 2021

DPW and Waste management status update - July 9

Good afternoon, 

Hopefully everyone is dry!  I am sure most folks on this site are aware of the delays in trash and recycling pickups over the last couple weeks.  Folks that are serviced on Fridays have been particularly effected.  My staff and I have been working with Waste Management on this, trying to correct issues and fix issues before they happen again.  

This morning I received the following email from our Waste Management representative, Ms. Heather.  I have worked with Heather for many years and she does an excellent job explaining the issues and what Waste Mgt. is attempting to do to rectify these problems.  Waste Mgt. is experiencing the same problems we all are trying to get back to a normal "Post COVID Economy".  

I just thought I would share this with everyone and thank you all for your patience.

Brutus Cantoreggi
Public Works Director

Good Morning 
I am fully aware that you are experiencing some service issues in Town recently, which is probably making  both your jobs much more difficult, and I do apologize for any inconvenience. I know we have spoken about this before but I wanted to reach out to you personally again to further explain our position. 
Like most, our industry is experiencing a severe labor shortage. Which in turn is impacting curbside services as well as other facets of our service portfolio such as, response time, call center wait times, inventory, container repair, roll off services  etc. 
Because of this, I think  it is prudent for you to know what we as an organization are facing at this time 
This shortfall is certainly not for lack of effort. We continue to face CDL driver shortages prevalent across the county. As I am sure you are aware  by listening to the national news, one of the most severe shortages in labor has to do with CDL licensed truck drivers,  and we are not exempt from that. This deficit, coupled with an increase in waste due to people working from home, has recently caused us to occasionally get behind on pickups and/or caused us  a  delayed response time.   
It is worth noting, and illustrated below that In Franklin we have seen a significant increase in curbside trash and recycling volume 15.5% pre vs post pandemic curbside tons. We have also seen a 23% increase in  bulk and white goods appointments. Your town is not alone in this influx, we are seeing  these types of increases all across the country      
  • Pre Pandemic May 2019- April 2020 – 10,141 curbside trash and recycle tons – 145 White Goods and 1194 Bulk Items
  • Post Pandemic May 2020 – April 2021 – 11,717 curbside trash and recycle tons – 179 White Goods and 1471 Bulk items
As an organization, we are making every effort to actively recruit, hire and train. we have hosted multiple job fairs, offered incentives such as signing bonuses and referral incentives, competitive wages and offered additional benefits  in attempt to retain and hire staff to fill the gap. 
The Norton operating district  recently had 11 Open CDL driver positions of which 6 have been filled and these new hires are still in the infancy stages of their training.  We do have  a CSR (customer service representative) new hire class that begins training on 7/12 and these new agents will enter production mid- August which will help mitigate some of the call center delays.   
Month to date the call center is trending 20% OVER their residential call forecast.  This is primarily due to the operational delays we are experiencing for trash, recycle, bulk and yard waste coupled with requests for bulk and white good collection.  New England Market Area has been sharing residential calls with our Capitol market area since last May so we do have resources to lean on. However, many market areas including theirs are experiencing the same driver shortages resulting in the operational delays.  Therefore we are over call forecast in most areas and due to the high wait times in the residential call queues, customers are using email and chat to communicate with us which in turn is placing us further behind in responding to those inquires. 
The problems created by this labor shortage and increase collection times are exacerbated by the current shortage in truck parts, which makes it difficult for us to keep our trucks on the road. The Covid-19 pandemic has  completely disrupted the parts supply chain as shipments are delayed, re-routed and quarantined. These delays can sideline vehicles for several weeks at a time. Since the onset of the supply chain crunch, we have had a significantly larger percentage of available trucks sidelined for maintenance and repair.  When major repairs are needed on trucks, they can be out of service for more than a month while we wait.  Furthermore, when we cannot get parts to service our newer fleet because the parts are on backorder, therefore we must utilize older spare trucks which have less capacity and as a result takes us longer to pick up your trash and recycling  and also requires more trips to your designated disposal facilities causing us further delay. 
I expect we will experience more service blips as we head into July. While we will continue our efforts to resolve these issues internally to allow us to provide your citizens the superior service you expect, We ask the Town and its citizens to please be patient during this difficult time. 
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing you and your staff. Please feel free to reach out to myself or Brian Burke if you have any additional questions or concerns on this matter 
Heather Louro
Public Sector Solutions Representative

DPW and Waste management status update - July 9
DPW and Waste management status update - July 9

Friday, June 25, 2021

Update From Waste Management ~ Friday, June 25

Update From Waste Management ~ Friday, June 25

Update from Waste Management for Friday, June 25:

Recycling: All of yesterday's and today's pick-ups will be complete by the end of today.

Trash: Thursday's route and at least 50% of Friday's route will be completed today. If your trash is not picked up today, please leave your barrel out, Waste Management is planning to pick it up tomorrow (Saturday). Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Shared from the Town of Franklin page

Update From Waste Management ~ Friday, June 25
Update From Waste Management ~ Friday, June 25

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

In MA News: earliest COVID-19 cases, solid waste management hearing scheduled

"When did the coronavirus arrive in the United States?

The first infection was confirmed on Jan. 21, 2020, in a resident of Washington State who had recently returned from Wuhan, China. Soon after, experts concluded that the virus had been in the country for weeks.

A study published on Tuesday offers new evidence: Based on an analysis of blood tests, scientists identified seven people in five states who may have been infected well before the first confirmed cases in those states. The results suggest that the virus may have been circulating in Illinois, for example, as early as Dec. 24, 2019, although the first case in that state was confirmed a month later.

But the new study is flawed, some experts said: It did not adequately address the possibility that the antibodies were to coronaviruses that cause common colds, and the results could be a quirk of the tests used. In addition, the researchers also did not have travel information for any of the patients, which might have helped explain the test results."
Continue reading the article online (subscription maybe required)

"Next week, I'll be chairing the #ENRA hearing on #plastics, #recycling, and waste management. ♻️

More info and forthcoming livestream:

Honored to lead the #ENRA Committee w/ House Chair 
#MApoli #TodayInTheDome #GettingItDone

solid waste management hearing scheduled
solid waste management hearing scheduled

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Recycle Center

The Recycle Center - Hours of Recycling Operation:
Tuesday 12-3 p.m. (April – Nov) Fri, Sat 8-3 p.m. 

Permits valid July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 attached to windshield – no exceptions

  • The recycle center also accepts rigid plastic items. ex: plastic lawn furniture, empty garage cans, plastic shelving, milk/soda crates and more. Please see the Town of Franklin website for more information.
  • Recycling Center permits can now be purchased via telephone by calling the DPW office during business hours. DPW - 508.553.5500
  • Cash is not accepted at the Recycling Center. Payments can be made by check, credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard).
  • The town’s new needle/syringe disposal kiosk is located in the lobby of the DPW office at 257 Fisher Street. The kiosk will be available to residents during normal DPW business hours.

Yard Waste
Leaves and brush will be collected curbside. Beaver Street Recycling Facility also accepts yard waste.
Check calendar for schedule.

Bulk Items

  • Large indoor furniture Pickup Fee: There is a fee per item (limit 1 per week). ex. mattress, box spring, carpet, (per 108sqft, 9x12), wood table & chairs, sofas, etc.
  • Oil-based paints, thinners, shellac and turpentine are accepted at the Recycling Center
  • The Recycling Center now accepts mattresses, box springs and carpeting.
  • Most appliances are $25 • Disposal of TV's start at $25 • Freon Appliances - $30
  • All pickups done on Thursdays. Call Waste Management by Tuesday 3 pm for Thursday pick up! 1.800.972.4545. Please call Waste Management for pricing on other items.

Franklin trash and recycle bins or totters
Franklin trash and recycle bins or totters

The Recycling Flyer can be viewed here:

The recycling flyer can also be found on the Franklin webpage here

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

FM #25 - WASTED - Part 6

This is Franklin Matters podcast #25. The sixth and final one of the series to replay the information session on underage drinking. The session was organized by the group W.A.S.T."E".D and held at Franklin High School Tuesday December 2, 2008.

This segment covers the Q&A session (with Bill, Nick, Josh, and Nick's parents) and the closing comments (by FHS Principal Pam Gould).

Time: 25 minutes, 47 seconds

MP3 File

Session Notes

This podcast for Franklin Matters continues the special production capturing the information session on underage drinking sponsored by WASTED and held at Franklin High School Tuesday evening, Dec 2.

This series of podcasts will enable you to listen to the presentations and discussion that took place that evening.

In the first part, we listened as FHS Principal Pam Gould provided the introduction. We listened to the presentation by the FHS students from Marushka Waters’ class.

In the second part, we listened to William (Bill) Phillips, Director of New Beginnings. New Beginnings is a comprehensive wellness education program.

In the third part, we listened to Nick’s story. That could have been the story of your son or daughter.

In the fourth segment, we listened to Josh’s story. He is eighteen, a senior at North Attleboro High.

In the fifth segment, we listened to the parent’s point of view as Nick’s parents shared their experience.

In this sixth and final segment, we’ll listen to the Question and Answer period. Some of the questions might be hard to hear but you should be able to make out the question from the answer.

FHS Principal Pam Gould returns to wrap up the evening with announcements on next steps. This is just the beginning.

Listen carefully!

----- -----

This podcast has been a public service provided to my fellow citizens of Franklin, MA

For additional information, please visit

If you have questions or comments you can reach me directly at shersteve @ gmail dot com

The musical intro and closing is from the Podsafe Music Network
Jon Schmidt - Powerful Exhilarating Piano Music

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"I haven't seen one penny"

Posted Nov 11, 2008 @ 10:08 PM


While the town has made great strides in increasing recycling in schools and other public places, as well as individual homes, Franklin still needs to do more, the Franklin Recycling Committee concluded in a recent report to the Town Council.

Raising consciousness would be a good start, suggested committee member Lynne Narum, a passionate advocate for recycling.

The committee wanted to see all Franklin schools have a full recycling program in place by September, but that is a work-in-progress at this point, said Chairman Gene Grella.

The group made four other recommendations, which included having the Department of Public Works maintain recycling bins at all public open spaces, athletic fields and recreational areas. They also recommended the town switch from a solid waste contract to a single stream recycling program, and establish a redeemable can and bottle program at the transfer station.

The group also wants a littering awareness program developed for the entire town and schools to educate the public about the problem of littering. As part of the initiative, the town should post anti-littering signs in public areas and fully enforce the littering bylaw, which fines litterers $50.

Councilor Judith Pond Pfeffer proposed putting together "a little environmental posse to deputize people," giving out $50 fines for littering.

Read the full article in the Milford Daily News here

You can also refer to the live reporting from the Town Council meeting of 11/5/08 here.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

"it sounds like a very good program"

Posted Nov 06, 2008 @ 12:27 AM


Town Council last night looked favorably upon a proposal from the Department of Public Works to start an automated trash collection program featuring single-stream recycling.

The new program would save residents the trouble of separating recyclables, theoretically increasing recycling rates, reduce waste tonnage, and would cost residents nothing or just a small increase in their trash fee, said officials last night.

With single-stream recycling, people can put all recyclables in one container, said DPW Director Brutus Cantoreggi.

"This is kind of like a no-brainer to us," said Cantoreggi.

The program would take effect when Franklin's current contract with Wheelabrator expires on June 30, 2010, said Cantoreggi.

The town would provide residents a container for trash, which would be maintained by the hauler, said Cantoreggi.

Read the full article in the Milford Daily News here

Read all that occurred during this Town Council meeting here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Live reporting - DPW Solid Waste & Recycling

The international recycling symbol.Image via WikipediaRobert Cantoreggi and Denise Zambrowski presenting

Approx 1 ton of trash per household in Franklin per year.

Under the single stream proposal:
Residents would be provided a "toter", it would be maintained by the hauler. This would reduce the amount of trash imported to Franklin. Overflow options: an additional toter for a fee or purchase 33 gallon overflow bags.

Current program of one bulk burnable item with trash per week would be replaced by a small fee and a sticker with a scheduled pick up. This would avoid the importing of trash from other areas into Franklin to be disposed of here for "free".

Single Stream recycling - no limit on recyclables

Nutting - Looking to see if there is general consensus amongst the Council to move ahead with RFP for the single stream processing.

Nutting requested to handle the following resolution out of order:

Resolution 08-71: Authorization for Intermunicipal Agreement – Town of Blackstone

Approved 8-0

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Live reporting - Recycle committee report

Franklin: recycles gathered on the walkImage by shersteve via FlickrImprovements in recycling town wide. Increased from 21% to 25% for the past quarter compared to last year.

Discussion on recycling at the high school. The Green Team is the largest group at the high school. They are active. The grade of C is meant to reflect the overall town effort/performance against the overall town recycling goals. We need to encourage their effort.

There are no recycling bins at Beaver Street. There should be waste and recycle receptacles to separate the trash and recyclables.

Town needs to set an example and model the good recycling behavior.

Proposal to audit trash and leave a door hanger notice on the results. This as a follow up to an announcement letter to everyone letting the know what the opportunities are.

(editorial note - I should talk with them about my idea of using the folks walking around town to bend and stretch to pick up recycling. The picture included here is from one of my weekend morning walks. I posted about this back in February 2008)

Single stream possible for the future. What is it? Put everything in one container and the waste handler with updated technology can do the separation at their end.

Current trash contract good through 2010. Single Stream and other enhancements could be incorporated as part of the new contract.

Franklin's Earth Day should be the Saturday closest to the official Earth Day which is always April 22. 300 volunteers picked up 6000 pounds of recyclables on that one day.

DPW did a great job helping with Earth Day. Especially on a Saturday!

Two major issues;
  • Receptacles are not readily available.
  • The consciousness (about recycling) it not present in the community.
Build a sense of community pride!

Councilor Pfeffer wants to deputize folks to start issuing the $50 fines to folks littering at the fields.

Franklin is recycling at 25% and most of our neighbor towns are at 50%.

The Recycling Committee web page on the new Town site can be found here.

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