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Thursday, November 24, 2022

"Best by", "Sell by", "Use by" – Oh my!

"On average, the U.S. wastes an estimated 125 to 160 billion pounds of food each year . And where does it all end up? In a landfill, where it’s buried under mounds of toxic trash and eventually breaks down and emits methane . We bury so much organic waste that landfills are now the third-largest source  of climate-damaging methane emissions in the U.S.

But the environmental impacts of food waste don’t end there. By wasting food, we deplete precious resources, like water. In fact, agriculture in the U.S. accounts for about 80% to 90% of the nation’s water consumption . On top of that, when bad market conditions lead farmers to toss edible food aside or when sold foods go uneaten, all the resources that went into producing those crops are squandered. There’s also a massive economic downside to throwing away uneaten food, adding up to approximately $218 billion a year  in the U.S.

So, how did we start throwing out so much food? Well, several factors play into our increasing wastefulness. Here, we break down the components leading us to toss our food and offer solutions that can help solve our food waste problem."
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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Did you know there is an App to help prevent food waste?

Brett Feldman (@BFeldmanEnergy) tweeted on Mon, Jan 17, 2022:
"App to prevent food waste launches in Providence"

Link to Boston Globe article (subscription maybe required) ->

I did download the app and was pleased to find that the Fresh Start Market is listed. Hopefully, more businesses/food places will utilize this ... 

Too Good To Go - app screengrab
Too Good To Go - app screengrab

Friday, November 5, 2021

Recap - Board of Health hears of vaccine clinic for 5-11 youth scheduled among other business items

Quick Recap:
  • Board reorganizes with Chair remaining as Bridget Sweet and Jeff Harris approved as Vice-Chair both by 3-0 votes
  • Multiple items of business covered with reports from inspector and nurse providing 'on the street' insights; intern work on food recovery program about to be piloted at Parmenter
  • Vaccine clinic for the 5-11 youth group planned for Nov 10 and Dec 1, details being finalized on registration, flyer and media awareness about to begin
  • Discussion on restoring virtual option for public participation, accepted for next meeting


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting live from the 3rd Floor Training Room


The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #boh1103 


Agenda document - 


  • Ready for #boh1103 meeting, located in 3rd floor training room, no remote option for this session.
  • Motion to accept meeting mins passes 3-0;
  • 27 Winter St - discussion underway for possible demo including appropriate permits, etc. #boh1103 best est 60-90 days for work estimate, permits, etc. Include assessment of possible rodent issue as part of the assessment
  • Motion to accept plan as outlined and follow up scheduled for Feb 2022, in case other progress/steps are delayed; passes 3-0  #boh1103
  • Restructuring due to election, new board member (re-elected) - Nominate B Sweet to be chair, second; passes 3-0; J Harris motion to be vice chair, seconded, passes 3-0 #boh1103
  • Update from inspector on recent actions, nursing update - flu clinic last week, home visits for those who missed due to the weather; 177 confirmed for Oct vs. 172 prior month #boh1103 contract tracking collaborative closing done after 11/29/21
  • One active TB case here, person doing well. COVID clinic scheduled for next Weds (11/10) 2-6 PM 300 doses available #boh1103 Target for 5-11 year olds only. Heart safe research underway for machine checks
  • Dean College has had only a few COVID cases and are dealing with them well. #boh1103 state pushing regionalization of health approach 
  • Foundation training, 2 of 27 sets of training in progress; looking to become instructor for CPR
  • 850 Summer st local upgrade of septic system which failed; motion to approve request based upon engineer req, second, passes 3-0
  • PFAS  what is our strategy? Communication, education, mitigation... Info for residents proactively #boh1103
  • Proposal for doc/info on PFAS to be prepared for next meeting for their review. Coordination of communication tools for incidents
  • #boh1103 intern progress on food recovery diversion, piloting at Parmenter with staff first then students, before expanding further
  • Granting funding for contact tracing, provided a work plan, etc. Still details to work out on implementation #boh1103 funding for 2 years - in citizen comment raised the accessibility issue and they will go hybrid for future
  • Motion to adjourn, second, passes 3-0
  • And by the way, that is all for tonight. The Town Council meeting was rescheduled to 11/10/21 and new agenda with updated remote link to be shared before Monday. #boh1103  catch you all next time!

Dfood ownload a copy of the flyer

Recap - Board of Health
Recap - Board of Health