Saturday, April 18, 2009

Earth Day

I'll be at Beaver Pond shortly, come and join me help clean up Franklin!

Franklin's Earth Day Celebration
Saturday April 18th, 2009
Beaver Pond
Starts at 9:00 AM

Volunteer to clean up targeted areas and assist with planting flowers and shrubs around Franklin.

- Please bring your own water bottle.

- Please bring your own gloves and rakes.

- Community service certificates will be issued.

- T-shirts to the first 200 volunteers.

- Clean up goes to 1:00 PM

Get some Eco-Info at Beaver Pond:

- Water conservation kits and rain barrel display.

- Mercury thermometer exchange for digital thermometers.

- Recycling tips and composting information.

- Energy conservation tips.

- Much more ! ! !


  1. Thanks for helping out, Steve! I like your idea of enlisting all walkers/runners/joggers to pick up recyclables along their way and get them into the recycling stream!

  2. You are most welcome.

    The idea is simple. There are plenty of walkers around town. We should be able to get a sponsor to put on a reflective vest, with the recycling symbol. Folks could wear that to be safe walking about. They could carry a plastic bag (any one from the local stores would do) to pick up the recyclables are the walk. The bag and contents can be recycled together.