Thursday, April 16, 2009

Live reporting - Finance Committee - 4/16/09

Brett S. Feldman
Juan Rivera
Patricia Goldsmith
Phyllis Messere
Rebecca Cameron
John F. Caulfield
Mark Cataldo
Robert Teixeira
James Roche
Tina Powderly (late)

Craig Maire

Jeff Nutting provides a brief overview, the budget is still fluid, out of balance by about $115,000-215,000.

The local option tax upon meals could yield about $600,000-800,000 for a full year. We would still need to see how DOR would calculate the collections and disbursements. All kinds of talk, the vote is the only thing that counts though.

You need to get a budget out so you might make it contingent upon the final numbers when they come out in May, June.

Jim Roche - things will be up in the air until the last minute this year.

Susan Gagner - the budget does include the wage freezes already accepted by the unions thus far. The department heads have also taken a reduction in expenses.

Jim - didn't mean to gloss over that fact. As a citizen, I appreciate the effort put in by the unions. People say the government should be run like a business and on one hand I agree, on the other hand what they are giving up they are not getting back when the times get good again.

Bob Fahey - Veterans Service Officer, Outreach coordinator at Senior Center
Over $2 million dollars come into Franklin from the Veterans Administration
1 - for a service connected disability
2 - not service connected disabled but are disabled

$1092/monthly benefits to widows of veterans currently residing in Franklin

If these benefits were not coming to the town, then these folks would be on the Town side of the budget. Likely two, three or four times

19 currently on the Town rolls for veterans

This is truly a human services benefit. What you put forward, the town is reimbursed at a 75% rate a year later.

Currently expending an average of $11,000 per month. Hard to predict exactly how the services are requested.

Town budget is currently calling for 120,000 (versus run rate of 132,000)

MA is the only state that has a local veterans administration. We don't expect changes in reimbursement. What changes may occur to the benefits for the individuals is calculated later.

The benefit allocation does include a cost of living increase already.

Difference in requested vs recommended is due to the salary and the adjustment of the 3% increase frozen. You'll see that in all the budgets.

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