Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Live reporting - Rep Vallee

Rep Jim Vallee speaking about the legislature's budget released today. It differs from the Governor's budget in that there is less revenue to be expected now than what had been expected at the time the Governor announced.

Franklin effectively, level funded for what we received last year.
If the stimulus money does come through, there could be another $400,000 coming.

"Probably certain"

Additional revenue sources being looked at to provide tools to the local communities to help.

It has been a pleasure working with Jeff Nutting for Franklin and for all the communities that Jeff represents in his new role.

A lot of folks have stepped up to the plate to forgo pay increases this year. Thanks

Nutting - we took a hundred thousand dollar hit but on a hundred million dollar budget we can take that. The budget deficit should be under a million dollars with the teachers and the other union actions.

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