Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Live reporting - Legislation - continued

Note: Mason left meeting (resuming this piece of the agenda after the Financial Planning Committee report completed)
  1. Resolution 09-21: Request for Legislation –Simple Procedure to Accept Roads Motion to approve, passed 6-0
  2. Resolution 09-22: Establishment of Forge Park Priority Development Site Motion to approve, passed 7-0
  3. Resolution 09-23: Establishment of Franklin Industrial Park Priority Development Site Motion to approve, passed 7-0
  4. Resolution 09-24: Establishment of Pond Street Economic Opportunity Area Motion to approve, passed 7-0
  5. Resolution 09-25: Binding Offer to Provide Tax Increment Financing to “Certified Projects” Motion to approve, passed 7-0
  6. Bylaw Amendment 09-631: Chapter 82 Fees, Appendix A, List of Service Fee Rates – 2nd Reading Motion to approve, passed 6-1
Note - changed the order of events to accommodate the Rep Vallee visit and councilor schedules

Brutus - we are not putting ourselves at a relative disadvantage in the implementation of these storm water fees. Our fees are lower than engineering fees, the developers will be fairly treated. Based upon the size and scope of the project.

Vallee - in view of the conditions we are in, I will not support this project

Bylaw roll call - all for except Vallee as noted.

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