Thursday, April 16, 2009

Live reporting - Treasurer/Collector - Debt

Jim Dacey -

FY 2010 debt peaks, debt stabilization fund set up years ago to handle this peak

(hand out to be updated/included later)

We don't have a lot of room in this part of the budget, these are legal obligations, they need to be paid.

3.5% is reserved for mortgage payment, so we always have room for capital without having to raise tax rates.

The building lasts 60 years, we'll pay it off in 17 years and maintain it.

The police station and Parmenter School are fully paid off.

15 years ago, the call provision was not written into the note at that time.

The Four Corners Building when it gets sold, the funds would be held to pay off the bond until 2014. The excess amount over the purchase price would be held in reserve for use on other capital expenses. Likely to pay off the library and look at other uses of the remainder of the funds.


New expense item, $35,000 for attorney's title search on foreclosures
Really moving the line from another section of the budget due to proper accounting rules

Reduced 25,000 bills down to 17,000 envelopes to mail (postage savings) with senior services.

Lockbox services handle about 80,000 pieces. Even items dropped in the box at the building or handed over the counter get sent out to the lockbox. They image and index, it makes a really good tool to use.

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