Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Live reporting - superintendent report

Sabolinksi - two options for school calendar based upon the prior survey, one starting before Labor Day, one starting after Labor Day. The parents wanted to start after Labor Day, the faculty wanted the start before Labor Day. No recommendation yet. Instructionally starting before Labor Day is better, being in our buildings in June is no fun, the buildings are toasty hot.

Armenio - I am not comfortable with the June closing, if we have terrible weather, we can't go into July, we would have to take those days off the April vacation.

Cafasso - can we put these online to view given the survey results?
Sabolinski - We are poised to do so, just didn't want to post them before this discussion.

Mullen - it is a consideration to bring the kids in early when they are already dealing with the heat, as opposed to in June when it is an adjustment.

Rohrbach - consider a PDD day on Election Day?
Roy - I would go for the safety factor

Susan Collins - started a petition to do the calendar after Labor Day then saw the survey so held off, consider the day before Thanksgiving, no one else has it.

Teachers on the second floor especially it is brutal in the heat. The PCC bought us fans.

Steve Luckovitch (?) two children at ECDC, a concern about the consistency of attending (the kids attend twice a week)

There are three full professional days across the district.

Did we revisit the Feb vacation?
Sabolinski - One of the best values in town is the ECDC. Let's set up some time to go into this further.

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