Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Live reporting - FY 2010 Budget

Wayne added some background to the presentation on the "To Kill a Mockingbird". It arose from a debate between the FHS and middle school teachers, the middle schools won out and this was the result of the first year study.

To a student, they all thought (despite the complexity) it was warmly received, challenging, and rewarding. The final chapters are available to be read.


Chandler Creedon, President Franklin Teachers and Nurses

Teachers did ratify the proposal to save 1 million dollars and 20 teachers
Is reluctant to discuss the details of the proposal in the public. Wants a negotiation session to meet as soon as possible.

Jeff Roy, the School Committee will take this under advisement, there is an executive session this evening

Cafasso - Can you tell us about the meeting?
Creedon - There was a meeting Monday (4/13/09) lasted 3 hours, final voting was done by secret ballot.

Cafasso - Are there conditions associated with the proposal?
Creedon - I am not sure I'd call it conditions, there are subjects that should be discussed that go along with it.

Armenio - There were multiple opportunities to discuss the budget
Creedon - There were multiple queries about negotiating and the appetite was that there was none beyond the 2.5 percent


Rohrbach - update from the budget subcommittee
compiled a listing of reductions over the year, holding clipping from 2003 "Franklin begins cutting from schools".

program reductions have been significant since 2003
over the course of six or so years, tried to reduce the budget by protecting class size
last year, was the first year where class size increased
next year, if the deficit is not resolved, staff reductions will continue and class sizes will increase again
what has been cut has not come back, they are pretty permanent
it is a good exercise to go through every year.

Pat Slight - everybody is fighting for the same goal, the best education for the students

Mullen - we have cut everywhere, this is a one year deal with the teachers, we know that. It is a good chance to review what has been going on and on. The high school is still facing their accredition issues

Rohrbach - fees via advertising, pilot program at FHS, the PCC's and booster clubs raise approx $100,000 every year.

Ogden - House announces their budget Weds afternoon, significant changes predicted.

The school website has presentations that show various scenarios depending upon the budget level and what it would do to class size.

The Financial Planning Committee presents to the Town Council on Weds evening and again to a Town-wide forum on April 27th. Recommends everyone to get to the meeting or at least watch it. A lot of work has been done, it is good work, people should pay attention.

Armenio - one time revenue, it is not a school issue, it is town issue, everybody needs to step up and be part of the community. Teachers have been incredible stretching dollars to educate our children. PCC's will be providing funds for field trips and that used to be part of the budget.

Roy - Where do we go from here? Tonight was planned to be our public hearing but based upon the news we are hearing, the next meeting (Apr 28th) is also not likely for the numbers to be ready. I am happy to see that people are stepping forward to come up with creative solutions. Keep in touch, visit the website to see what the updates are.

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