Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Live reporting - School Committee - 4/14/09

Attending: Armenio, Cafasso, Kelly, Mullen, Roy, Rohrbach,
Missing: Trahan

1. Routine Business
  • Citizen’s Comments
  • Review of Agenda
  • Minutes: I recommend approval of the minutes from the March 24, 2009 School Committee Meeting. Motion to Approve passed 6-0
  • Payment of Bills Mr. Kelly Motion to Approve passed 6-0
  • Payroll Ms. Armenio
  • FHS Student Representatives
  • Correspondence:
  • Budget to Actual
  • Budget Transfers
  • Letter from Mark Tiede and Melissa McCann
  • Letters from the Doggett family


  1. Too bad we can see the meeting on the web but the audio is from a different meeting down the hall.. keep us posted Steve

  2. I checked with the broadcast booth, apparently there was some technical difficulty early and appears to be resolved now. Can you confirm?


  3. Yes... it is!! Thanks so much Steve!