Thursday, November 5, 2020

Board of Health - Nov 4, 2020 meeting recap

Quick Recap:

  • Motion to approve prior meeting minutes passed via roll call vote 3-0
  • Motion to grant waive on leaching field/Title 5 specifications to create a working system passed by roll call 3-0 vote
  • Manicure establishment regulation to be subject of a future public hearing before removing the regulation as it is duplicative with what the State already does
  • Updates on recruiting for future clinic in process; building at 27 Winter condemned, proceedings appreciated by Franklin Police
  • No questions from committee on Gov Baker’s updates to COVID-19 restrictions, facial covering requirements, etc.

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #boh1104

  • Busy meeting night ahead; getting ready for real time reporting for the Board of Health meeting coming at 5PM agenda and connection info here #boh1104
  • Choice of School Committee Davis Thayer facility Community meeting or Town Council meeting at 7 PM, as the Franklin TV will do the Town Council, I'll audio record the DTFA info session #boh1104
  • #boh1104 underway
  • #boh1104 motion to accept prior 3 meeting minutes approved via roll call 3-0 next up for discussion title 5 plan for 4 Abbey Lane looking for two local upgrade approval. Tank going back in same place at 30 years ago, can't be changed otherwise. Moving leaching field higher
  • Motion to grant variance as requested passes 3-0 via roll call. Chap 238 manicure establishments, already covered by State, no real value add for Franklin coverage. Should consider a public hearing to provide due diligence for removal of regulation #boh1104
  • Recruiting for volunteers for clinic, 39 responses still open, when time comes we should be ready ... Look out for nursing schools to provide some students who need opportunity to help (due to the pandemic) #boh1104 paperwork processing, post shot checks, etc.
  • New orders on gatherings, face coverings, etc. Don't anticipate going red, went from 11 to 14 cases. Chair to send calculation to Dir. Liberty 27 Winter st, #boh1104 condemned the dwelling due to condition, multiple complaints over recent years. Criminal charge for disturbing
  • Places like this take up too much time by the Police to respond to. Doors are locked, windows on 2nd floor broken open but otherwise access is restricted. #boh1104
  • Chair turned duties to vice chair, no public comments, motion to adjourn, passed 2-0 #boh1104 

Board of Health - Nov 4, 2020 meeting recap
Board of Health - Nov 4, 2020 meeting recap


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