Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Cobi Frongillo Energizes His Base and Connects with Franklin Residents

Franklin special election Town Council candidate Cobi Frongillo kept his campaign momentum rolling on Saturday, October 31st, with a rally held at the Franklin Town Common. Volunteers and interested citizens showed up to munch on Fairmount Farm’s cider donuts and hear Frongillo speak on a chilly Halloween morning. “It was great seeing so much energy for local politics,” said Cobi Frongillo. “We look forward to a great turnout in the special election on December 5th.”

After the gathering, volunteers took to the neighborhoods of Franklin to deliver Frongillo’s handwritten letters to residents, introducing Frongillo’s history in service and vision for the community. A core tenet of Frongillo’s vision is an expansion of local civic engagement.
Cobi Frongillo Energizes His Base
Cobi Frongillo Energizes His Base

Frongillo spoke to the crowd about the importance of local government, especially in an age of political unrest. “Local government is the best way for citizens to affect change in their community. Local government is what opens schools, plows roads, and supports business in Franklin. We have an opportunity this December to ensure Franklin’s local government truly represents and engages all residents in it's political process,” said Frongillo at the Common.

Frongillo drew on his extensive experience volunteering in Franklin and his academic background in public policy, with his research efforts recently earning him acknowledgements in the 2020 book “Hometown Inequality: Race, Class, and Representation in American Local Politics.”

En route to receiving his Master’s in Public Policy from the University of Massachusetts- Amherst in 2019, Frongillo also authored reports on the sustainable economic development of Downtown Franklin and municipal energy aggregation programs like the one starting in Franklin this month.
rally held at the Franklin Town Common
rally held at the Franklin Town Common

You can learn more about Cobi Frongillo’s campaign and vision on his website (cobifrongillo.com), Facebook page (facebook.com/Frongillo4Franklin), and Twitter account (@FrongilloCobi).


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