Thursday, November 5, 2020

Davis Thayer Facility Analysis - Community Info Session - Recap - 11/4/20

Quick Recap:

  • With info gathered, they can update their five step process, they are currently in Phase 2
  • Overview of the highlights of the facility analysis report and presentation as covered in the prior School Committee meeting 10/27/20
  • Discussion of possible timeline for the next steps
  • Survey out for community input

Photos captured during the meeting and shared via Twitter can be found in the album

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #dtfa1104

  • #dtfa1104 meeting starting now ... Concern of too many SchComm members present although they are not deliberating, just sharing info already shared
  • being used for interaction tonight #dtfa1103
  • #dtfa1104 agenda slide
  • #dtfa the five step process
  • #dtfa1104 overview of report on facility capacity. Educational adequacy explored and rated, schools and under capacity
  • #dtfa1104 enrollment declines continue over next 7 years before turning up
  • Enrollment decline more so on middle school level. (And less speculation here, the students for the most part are already in the system) (elementary students projections generally already seen in birthrates) #dtfa1104
  • #dtfa1104 the budget issue worsens if nothing done (yup) and any school budget looking for more money would need to have a clear answer to this situation.
  • Review of the various options #dtfa1104 focus of subcommittee remains on the DT potential closing and factors thereoff
  • Considering physical distance factors in this part of the work #dtfa1104 decision will be based upon multiple reports, info, factors (hoping they don't get overwhelmed with analysis paralysis) possible 3rd info session to be considered
  • Possible to work through stages 1-4 during winter and depending upon pandemic status get to point on when Stage 5 would start #dtfa1104
  • Getting ready for questions, #dtfa1104 what work would be req'd for middle schools regarding firing the elementary students within (i.e. Keller using some of Sullivan)
  • Title I is associated with the students more than with the building. #dtfa1104 would require a recalculation and maybe a redistribution among the schools
  • Yes, getting this done within the current SchComm term (Nov 21) is a motivator but not the only key, the decision needs to be made when it can be #dtfa1104 Keller sprinkler issues raised (occured twice) should be resolved to prevent reoccurrence
  • Spencer speaking as mom, not SchComm member; is concerned about loss of staff at DT, principal already gone (interim in place this year) response - staff considered within district and according to bargaining agreement #dtfa1104
  • Info session coming to an end, Q&A to be posted on DT page akin to the first session. #dtfa1104 
Additional info on the Facility Analysis

Davis Thayer Facility Analysis - Community Info Session - Recap - 11/4/20
Davis Thayer Facility Analysis - Community Info Session - Recap - 11/4/20


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