Monday, November 28, 2022

Franklin Police have some advice on how to "Prevent Porch Pirates"

As the cold winds and dark afternoons draw closer so do the Porch Pirates…

We’ve already experienced several calls involving swashbuckling pirates stealing packages off people's porches. 
how to "Prevent Porch Pirates"
how to "Prevent Porch Pirates"

To deter Porch Piracy you can:
1. Schedule delivery times to a time you know you’ll be home
2. Request a signature for high-value packages
3. Regularly track all shipments
4. Get to know your neighbors and see if they can grab your deliveries for you
5. Display a home security sign or other security deterrents
6. Get a big dog
7. Install a doorbell camera or other outdoor cameras

Remember….only you can prevent Porch Pirates this holiday season. If you find yourself victimized by these seasonal pirates or think you see these pirates in action, give us a call at 508-528-1212.

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