Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Rescignos are scheduled to perform "Franklincense" - Dec 10 at THE BLACK BOX

Take a walk in a twin-ter wonderland! 

The Rescignos
The Rescignos
For over a decade the Rescigno brothers have performed a brand new holiday show in NYC, and this year they are bringing it to Franklin! Critic Roy Sander writes of the show, "F**king brilliant...I would be hard put to think of anyone I would rather be entertained by for an hour than The Rescignos." Cabaret Scenes' Rob Lester says, "The Rescigno twins raise sibling squabbling to an art form." Paul and Robbie add, "We also look pretty good in our sweater vests." So join The Rescigno boys for the latest installment of their annual holiday show--it'll sugar your plums!

Opener: Ali Funkhouser with Raye Lynn Mercer (piano) and Irina Fainkichen (violin). An actress and singer with a love for all things silly, Ali's solo cabaret shows combining musical theatre, comedy, and jazz have been described as, "still going on."

Ali Funkhouser with Raye Lynn Mercer (piano) and Irina Fainkichen (violin)
Ali Funkhouser with Raye Lynn Mercer (piano)
Irina Fainkichen (violin)

Tickets can be purchased by call the Box office or online ->

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