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The Stanley Chilson film archives are now available online

On a random visit to the Franklin Historical Museum, you could walk in, find the movie screen down and one of the many Stanley Chilson films playing. Mostly black & white, the more recent ones in color, you could step back in time for a parade or emergency response by the Fire Dept. Now those films are available online and you can watch anytime you wish.

Via Franklin Observer:  

"Lifelong resident, Stanley Grant Chilson, was a graduate of Dean Academy in Franklin and Worcester Polytechnic Institute -- and he lived for photography. Still camera images he took in profusion, capturing in detail the activities of the Franklin Fire Department -- and other departments in the region. He also assembled an annual collection of film clips for each year from 1935 to 1963.  His films, preserved, and then digitized in the early 2000s, have now been made available online -- just  few clicks away -- on the Franklin Library's Internet Archive page, by Reference Librarian Vicki Earls.

You can access the collection at any time by  selecting Local History and Genealogy from the left hand menu on the Franklin Library website. From there, click on Stanley Chilson Films of Franklin online at the Internet Archive."

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Who was Stanley Chilson? Another posting in the Franklin Observer shares some of the background on his life in Franklin.
"The term Paparazzi was just coming into existence toward the end of Stanley Chilson’s career as a photographer chronicling Franklin, his home town, as well as other towns in the region. The credit or blame for the term goes to Federico Fellini who’s La Dolce Vita included an obsessive photographer of that surname.

And while Chilson might have objected to the pejorative associations of the term, the general idea of an ever-ready photographer continually catching life as it was being lived fits him perfectly.

And who was Stanley Grant Chilson? For a man with a definite public persona, not much is apparent about him other than his early and consistent passion for photography, a passion only rivaled by his interest in the fire service, a topic he chronicled exhaustively.... there are literally hundreds of photographs of fire and rescue activities in the town in the years he was active."
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How to get to the film archives?
There is also a direct link from the Franklin Matters "Other Resource" section

The Stanley Chilson film archives are now available online
The Stanley Chilson film archives are now available online

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