Sunday, November 27, 2022

Franklin.TV: A Return to December

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 11/27/2022

A return to December? It’s what we do.

January is about beginnings.
Our start point for all things hopeful. 
Making the most of ourselves.
Or – at least we are resolved to try. 
We forge on.
Through February. Through March. 
Through whatever they may bring.

We take in April’s early warmth. 
Same and more with pretty May. 
Then – June/Jul/Aug/Sept,
We Saunter through Summer. 
Making the most of its longer days.

October, nature’s last hurrah. 
Ushering us on to longer nights,
and onward still – through November. 
Where we pause in gratitude.

Another year behind us, spent and gone, 
We return to December.
This destination month.
We return – to hopes, dreams, joys.
We return to family, friends, even strangers. 
We return to ‘The Season
To moments of kinship and glad tidings. 
We return to find all that truly matters.

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