Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Inclusionary zoning and tax rate hearing on tap for meetings Wednesday night

Two meetings on tap for Wednesday at the Municipal Building. First up at 5:45 PM the Economic Development "Plus" subcommittee, followed by the Town Council meeting at 7 PM. I plan on reporting on both meetings. Franklin TV will be broadcasting both via cable (Verizon or Comcast), live streaming, Zoom, and YouTube. So there are multiple ways to view and/or participate in the meetings.

1 - Economic Development Agenda
1. Discussion: Zoning
a. Inclusionary Zoning Bylaw
Agenda doc and remote connection info

The prior meeting started this discussion and as time ran out, the discussion resumes at this session. Catch up to the discussion before the meeting:

2 - Town Council Agenda

Full agenda and docs released ->

Charts explaining the tax rate history can be found ->

the "Plus" Cmte gets into housing density proposal
the "Plus" Cmte gets into housing density proposal

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