Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Reminder: "Finding the Light" in Franklin through Dec 18

"Greetings art lovers!  
Beginning on holiday weekend, Nov 27- December 18, I will leave a piece of art at an undisclosed location for the Franklin community members to find.  
This collection is called "Finding the Light" and it is part 2 of last year’s kick off. 
I created this series during my Artist in Residence role for Natick 2021. I had just lost my father. This prompted me to imagine how many others are coping through pain and loss around the holiday season, sparking the need to share "light".   
In that same spirit, I mean for it to be uplifting, bring hope, joy and giving around the holidays.  
Come to this page for clues and an image to help you find it easily. The clues may be released early each week, but the art will be placed on Sunday mornings. "
Shared from Amy Adams Facebook page 

Find the clues online ->

"Finding the Light" in Franklin from Nov 27 to Dec 18
"Finding the Light" in Franklin through Dec 18

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