Thursday, May 6, 2010

Live reporting - animal control, Tri-County

we have a long standing relationship with Bellingham
we get use of an employee and a vehicle, we have the pound
they get busy with beavers, coyotes, deer, etc

occasionally we have a capital expense to replace the vehicle

motion to approve, passed 9-0

Tri-County is an assessment
one of eleven communities that comprise the regional
how many students come from the community determine the allocation to the community
it varies depending upon how many students we send them

They have run a tight ship up there, they can come and speak with you if needed
If our assessment is to be changed, the other communities would have to agree to it

have been able to maintain budget from time to time with cuts in materials which is one key area of their expense

what percent of the increase is the increase is students vs the overall increase in their budget
the percent of the students drove the budget

I don't have the student enrollment numbers with me
I'll have the numbers for you on Monday

question on the school committee line
like to be their supplies and expenses

motion to approve, passed 9-0

motion to adjourn

Franklin, MA

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