Monday, May 3, 2010

Live reporting: Van Roon Chiropractic

Continuation of hearing, no reading required
modifications to plan made based upon discussions with Town Engineer
MA Highway not amenable to curb cuts on 140 due to the low volume

Yadsernia supports new arrangement and reduction in impervious coverage
There is a rain garden there now, rain garden #1

Applicant going back to ZBA to review the change in plantings due to the changes not reflected in the documentation
Recommend to close public hearing - Dahlstrom

Padula - recommending not closing public hearing
Discussion on issue of the ZBA having already approved, going back to get clarification from ZBA
Planning Board is the deciding board, ZBA is only addressing bylaw or variance

Request to client, to make this special permit being owner specific
Continuing the public hearing

Opening the continued public hearing for the Big Y process to be continued after this concludes

Petition signed by 172 Franklin residents opposing the Van Roon permit (the number was changed from 72 via email from Elizabeth)
Asking the Board to make sure then include Jordan Road in the process
An antique store has been turned done previously for the same reasons this is objected to today.
32 plus extra cars acknowledged for Jordan Road
visually can not seen around the corner
Jordan is only 25 feet wide, not sufficient to allow for collision avoidance
Defend the quality of life on Jordan Road

Scenic roads amendment - "to protect designated scenic roads"
maintain natural beauty
enhance rural character

Clarification on the MA DOT, would not approve curb cut under the circumstances

Moving the parking would increase the impervious area and not desired

Clarification on the Board request to keep the special permit to owner specific

Discussion on the views and differing opinions of the view of the parking lot

Moving the driveway entrance would increase the pervious
Problem is with cars turning off 140 at speed and coming upon cars turning out of the parking lot

What does the Town gain by the conversion of the home to a business when there are places for rent down town?

Board - can there be a formal request to the MA DOT?
Yadsernia could make the call but is opposed to the relocation
Can't get a formal response without making an application without an approved site plan
so there is a chicken and egg situation here

You'd have to double it, 32 in, 32 out would be the traffic load, plus employees
approx family house would be about 10, so a major increase in traffic

There is a benefit in taking it off the residence list which could have a family come in with multiple children

MA DOT did provide a curb cut for a property further down the road for a similar situation

Amount of parking spaces is determined by the zoning requirements based upon the square footage of the building, calculation requires 10, would also require 10 as a reasonable number

patients and increase of traffic is the issue per the Jordan residents not the reduction in the impervious coverage

The intersection is dangerous and should be taken into consideration

Yadsernia to go to MA DOT
Client going to ZBA
Discussing return date June 7th 7:15 PM, continuing the public hearing

Franklin, MA

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