Thursday, May 6, 2010

Live reporting - Finance Committee (Veterans)

Present: Messere, Huempfner, Cataldo, Cameron, Roche, Quinn, Goldsmith, Teixeira, Feldman
Absent: Maire, Rivera

Veterans - Bob Fahey
The processing of veterans services are unique to MA
Franklin provides the services up front, the State reimburses later at a 75% rate
veterans services are in place when all other resources for help have been exhausted

12 veterans (11 widows of veterans)
can not have more than $1,600 in assets to qualify
9 are seniors, 3 are in their fifties
Per Dept of Veterans Affairs, all applicants must apply for the other benefits offered
265 veterans and dependents receive benefits directly from the VA
$2.3 million dollars annually received as benefits

service connected disability amounts
50% $770
100% $2,673 plus amounts for wife and dependents

Chapter 115 - expended $120,000 of $150,000 allocated
Franklin receives a 75% reimbursement from the State for this service
MA is the only state with a program like this.
MA treats its veterans better than any other state in the US

in 2001, only 8 people were receiving benefits
now there are the 265 plus

motion to approve, passed 9-0

Franklin, MA

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