Thursday, May 6, 2010

Live reporting - Recreation

Ryan Jette

Nutting overview
registration fees help make this a self supporting budget

80% of the registrations done online
seasonal staff added due to the Medway expansion
additional clerical help with the

Tri-County work at Beaver St
putting in a concession stand and rest rooms with handicap access
there were old bathrooms there and when we renovated the fields, they came out
we tried to go through the public bidding process and it was way to much money
with Tri-County, we buy the parts and materials, the students do all the work
it will take a little longer to do the work but it is a win-win

Jeff says you are self-sustaining, it looks like you are making money about $16,000 this year
you have grown so large that you can use a revolving account anymore per State regulations

The relationship with Medway is going well
We are bringing their folks into ours where our don't sell out
we don't have flag football here, so we do it there

Girls lacrosse has really taken off
it is the largest program in the state
all the female sports have taken off

Flag football has actually surpassed the Pop Warner program
We have a chess club, there is something for everyone

motion to approve, passed 9-0

Franklin, MA

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