Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Live reporting - Planning and Community Development

Planning and Community Development
Bryan Taberner

Nutting provides an overview
Secured 200,000 grant to clean up the Nustyle building
Secured the 100,000 grant to put solar on the Parmenter School (90,000 - Town kicks in 10,000)

Open Space plan completed
Technical Review Committee
Conservation agent

down a half of a clerical person
almost 8% of total work hours, work still gets down but it gets shifted around

Beth Dahlstrom primary focus on planning and processing of planning items

Downtown improvement project is underway, requires quarterly reports
EPA and brownfields reporting
Taberner managing half time on economic development and half on grants

Cataldo- Question on how the income from grants balances the department expenses
Grant income far exceeds the department expenses, a great return on investment

Rivera - question on the economy and problems and how it reflects on the Town
Taberner - the Nustyle property will be good to get cleaned up and returned to the tax rolls, I work on the economic opportunity areas, attracts new business. Biotechnology bylaws streamlined to enhance the process to attract businesses. Marketing of Franklin area as business friendly.

Quinn - what is the status of the Downtown revitalization project?
Taberner - we have two grant, one $5 million Federal and one $1 million. A presentation is scheduled for Wednesday May 12th in the Municipal Bldg

About a total $7 and a quarter million project, downtown all the way out to the Brick School
Emmons, Dean, etc.

If all goes according to plan, the downtown would go back to two way traffic, with lights, etc.
Construction expected late 2012 or 2013

Motion to approve, passed 9-0

Franklin, MA

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