Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Live reporting - Board of Health/Health Services

Board of Health/Health Services
David McKearney

notable reduction in budget
did not backfill an individual who left, will be the first department to visibly supply less services due to the shortage

Milford Nursing Services (VNA) - $20,000 provides visiting nursing services as the Town does not have a nurse on duty to make visits and file the appropriate required reports.

Prior to FY 2010, the Town had two vehicles for the department to use
Now mileage is paid for the use of personal cars in lieu of getting a full vehicle

Brutus Cantorerrgi and John Lombardi get the credit for the analysis on using smaller older cars instead of using the older re0usable police cruisers

The lost person per the budget was not part of the submittal, rather than a adjustment to be made later
Training an existing administrative person to handle some of the inspector duties
David is handling most of the inspection work during the training

Minimal expense budget, has stayed pretty stable, usually turn money back in at end of year

The H1N1 program was covered primarily by the volunteers within the Town that stepped up to provide the service in a quality manner at minimal expense (due to the volunteer efforts and donations of materials).

Nutting - the Town stepped forward to provide the volunteer effort, many thanks to all involved.

Motion to recommend budget for Board of Health
Motion to recommend budget for Health Services
both motions passed 9-0

 Franklin, MA

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