Friday, May 7, 2010

Young Professionals Organization

"You help me, I'll help you"

Kaitlyn and Chris Pintarich of Berry Insurance found sufficient writing space to complete their survey forms.

The initial gathering for those young professionals looking for a "Chamber of Commerce" business and networking opportunity took place Thursday evening at Preservation Framer in North Attleboro.

A survey was asked of the participants to help gather information on how they would like the group to operate. An incentive to fill out the survey was provided by entering the complete surveys into a raffle.

Mixing business and social networking is a win/win. Some activities would be more enticing to a younger crowd than to the more established chamber group. Expansion to the younger group is a wise idea for the Chamber. The group will operate under the umbrella of the Chamber this year and then separately next year. Membership in the Chamber will cover both organizations this year but require a separate membership next year.

While there is the separation, there will be opportunities for connections between the two groups. One key area is in mentoring. For the young professionals looking to start their own business, obtaining advice in specific business matters.

If this sounds like something you'd like to take part in, you won't have to bend over backwards. Stay tuned to notification of future events here, on the Facebook fan page of the YPO, or contact any of the offices of the United Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Franklin, MA

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