Monday, May 3, 2010

Live reporting - Big Y (348 E Central St)

Richard Cornetta
(to be added)
Don Neilsen
Giles Ham

Conservation Commission Apr 29th - submitted all info, meeting still open pending decision here (next May 13th)
Design Review Comm - Apr 13th received approval from signage, lighting, etc.
ZBA Hearing schedule for later this month (May 20th), to resolve 'clerical' issue from several years ago

Applicant has incorporated all comments and have no issues per Yadsernia
There is a road improvement plan for a left turn on Chestnut St onto 140 apparently being prepared
Light sequencing of lights being dealt with by MA Highway
They have addressed all of our drainage issues

Minor clarification to correct some typos, parking as calculated and sufficient
Applicant has comparisons with other parking lots (i.e. Shaw's)
calculated 231 spaces, providing 233, please explain the detail behind the calculations

Curious on number of jobs available, tax revenue estimates to be generated by the site

Minimal light spillage from the property, like on to the sideway, to ensure that the Board is okay with that

Franklin Police recommend second entrance be designed in sucha way that it is southbound entrance only and signed as such

Recommendation to grade site to run rain/storm water northerly rather than southerly to avoid public water supply (Well #9)

The applicant has changed the plans to incorporate a rain garden, rain garden #2

Giles Ham, traffic analysis
(1) to look at the left turn volume, about a vehicle per minute
11 ft thru right lane, 10 foot left turn lane
would have to modify the traffic signal itself to include the left turn signal

(2) discussion with MA DOT to be handled during the design phase

It cost $30,000 to do the work for Walgreen's changes, should be similar costs
new foundation and mast arm, conservatively about $50,000

It could be done but not as part of the project
The volume would not be increased tremendously by this change

Cornetta - temporary for construction 180-200 depending upon the contractors and subs themselves
for employees during operation, 200-300, 70-30 mix between temp and perm
conservative est $15,000 currently  paid, est 7x that, approx. $105,000

Jack Lank, President, United Regional Chamber of Commerce
for the BiG Y, traffic is an issue and will be an issue
positive tax revenue (increase of 7-10x) would help the budget
The BIG Y invests in the community
homework help line to students in the local area, scholarships
will bring competition to other stories to keep the prices low
if they go somewhere else, the tax revenues will go elsewhere

Jack McCarthy, Director of the United Regional Chamber of Commerce
property uses benefits the town
the arguments against have little merit

Steve Hustan (?spelling)
raising question on including the Chestnut St changes in with this.

Because of conservation and finding of ZBA, looking to keep the hearing open
No further information can be taken after the public hearing is closed

Cornetta not happen with keeping the hearing open due to the special permit
Catch 22 developed with 2 boards, Planning Board is the deciding one, Conservation will end up closing the hearing; had been kept open to the impervious issues and wetlands

Next Planning Board meeting June 7th, even if hearing closes, the other decisions are pending anyway
We don't gain any time by close the public hearing

The calculation were based upon the split out of the uses (office, warehouse, retail)
talking 4.0 ration (four spaces per thousand sq feet of retail) at Shaw's and other sites
this is what is needed for this site
peak demand on a Saturday afternoon was only 172 spaces for a similar sized operation

Yadsernia requests the explanation in writing, Planning Board requests copy of this as well

Continue public hearing - 348 E Central St June 7th 7:30 PM
approved, unanimous (Halligan recused himself)

Franklin, MA

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