Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Live reporting - Facilities

Mike D'Angelo

Jeff Nutting provides an overview
transfered all facilities from Schools to the Town to consolidate
3 person maintenance staff, outsource the rest of the major work
over a million square feet to maintain, contract out for specialties

covers all the phones, utilities for all the buildings
spread incredibly thin for the work required

energy improvements have been made for the last decade
6 million dollars for school building improvements, still another 5 million to go
most of the municipal buildings were already upgraded so they are in better shape

Police station 20 year old next year

Budget is level funded but that means less money is invested into the buildings

price per therm of gas, enabled cut of the gas budget by $157,000 (15%)
helps to offset the prices of other things going up
major phone changes in the schools over the Christmas break, using the savings to pay for the Connect-CTY services
disconnected 159 lines through out the schools to save thousands of dollars a month

Can you explain the going long on the gas

Every 2-3 years we look to negotiate the contract, in cases where we did extend the contract we did make some significant savings

We bought at the low price point of oil and gas for a long term contract

the brokers take a tenth or so of a percent, it is bundled into the overall price
the brokers buy the futures, it is a fixed cost to us
hedged our bet that it wouldn't increase
once in awhile we get it right
we do this through our purchasing director

We work with the utilities to get whatever rebates we can get
National Grid kicked in to save about $1400 a year on one
If you are always doing this, you can keep your energy costs stable

maybe we don't do our best advertising this because we believe we should do this
he controls the heat and colling from his laptop

What is the increase for telephones?

We had a grant for the Connect-CTY and Connect-ED but now the grant has expired and we need to start paying for our usage, I think is a 2 year contract and two year increments

Custodian contracts are a large amount, have your looked at the outsource vs insource

Custodians do ore than custodial work, i.e. changing light bulbs, painting, etc.
Other school districts that have done that have seen increases due to still paying for the other work in addition to the cleaning. Town was outsourcing custodial and we have brought it in with part timers and do more work with less expense
The School cut 8 custodians several years ago, we'd like to get back to that at some point

There is some interchange between the organizations giving that we are understaffed

Town custodians are part-time, the School custodians are full-time labor union contract folks

could you do FTE for the custodians? so we could compare

other buildings are the smaller town buildings; King St fields has a building, the gazebo (bandstand) on the Town Common, etc.

How much was turned back from this budget last fiscal year?

About $50,000 - I don;t have the exact number but can get it for you for Thursday
There is another month of utilities encumbered but not in the year to date
There is also a lag on one bill that is paid by Solid Waste first then accounted for by us

motion to approve, passed 9-0

Monday - May 10th - 6:30 PM
Checking schedules, need two more

Thursday - May 6th - 6:30 PM

motion to adjourn, passed 9-0

Franklin, MA

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