Thursday, May 6, 2010

Live reporting - Library

Felicia Oti

Nutting overview
Felicia is shared with Medway, we also provide some cleaning services to Medway
regionalization is a way to go, it takes energy and effort
Franklin is just bigger than all of our neighbors, sometimes that doesn't help
Friends of Library is very active, there is a book sale at the DPW this weekend

My budget is very small, I can take questions
Down $200,000 in four years

is it good with Medway
I see it is a great thing as a work in progress
most of the struggle is, concerned it is new, different, changed
building a relationship with the Medway Trustees
slowly and surely are coming to understand what we are trying to accomplish
they will let us know in the next month if they will continue

last year we did one book, one community
this year we did one book, two communities

how is the state minimum requirement
we are not out of line in other cuts with the Town

hours open offset the budget items to some extent
the Friends book sale can help us from a State perspective

Slow steady erosion, days open from seven now only five

closing on Friday and Saturday becomes a very busy Monday

Spoke for the library services
being utilized by the under and unemployed
Similar to the school cuts, the less advantage student get affected first, the library cuts would affect those needing access to the library databases and resources, as well as the internet access

motion to approve, passed 9-0

Franklin, MA

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