Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Franklin Citizens Rail Trail Committee - agenda - 9/13/11

I. Call to Order and Introduction of New Attendees - including Secretary, Annette Labonte
II. Approval of Agenda
III. Approval of Minutes
IV. Report from Treasurer
V. Strategic Goals
a. Grants/Funding Update on Grant List (Marc Kaplan and Tim Newell)

Road Race Selection of Date (Special Guest: Ron Ignotz, GTTB)
b. Organizational Review of Mission

Discussion of Committee Name
c. Alliances Update on SouthWest Advisory Planning Cmte (SWAP)Meeting
d. Awareness/Outreach Consideration of informational table at October Harvest Festival in Franklin (Oct 2)

VI. Adjournment (9:00)

Additional materials for the mission statement discussion were posted here

The Rail Trail web site can be found here http://www.franklinrailtrail.org/

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