Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Live reporting - Legislation for action


1. Resolution 11-10: Request for Legislation – Exempting the Deputy Fire Chief from Civil Service (Tabled on 8/10/2011) - tabled indefinitely, just not ready yet

2. Resolution 11-45: Chapter 61A-1st Refusal Option – Land on Spring Street
second time before the Council, owner has PSA, we have first right of refusal, has no value for the Town, recommended to let the sale proceed

motion to approve - passed 9-0

3. Resolution 11-47: Authorization for Intermunicipal Agreement with Town of Medway for Shared Nursing Services
shared nurse through a grant program, looking to extend this for another year with receipt of another grant

motion to approve - passed 9-0

4. Resolution 11-48: Acceptance of Gift of Land at 1156 Pond Street (Lot #2)
donation of land in lieu of foreclosure

 motion to approve - passed 9-0

5. Resolution 11-49: Grant of Sewer Easement on Property At 82 (Formerly 95) Park Rd
sewer line installed without easement being recorded previously, needed to move line and cover it all properly this time

motion to approve - passed 9-0

6. Bylaw Amendment 11-663: Sewer Rates-Appendix B- List of Service Rates - 2nd Reading

as a result of the Charles River Sewer Plant upgrade, rate increases should cover the requirements; $44 and then $88 the year after, plant is under an EPA order to remove phosphorus - ultimately a million dollars raised will cover our 65% of the total amount, timed for when the bond comes in - no further rate changes for 4-5 years, has been steady for 7 years

motion to approve - passed 9-0 (via roll call)

7. Bylaw Amendment 11-664: Water Rates-Appendix B-List of Service Rates- 2nd Reading

related to pay off the 7.5 million bond authorization as approved earlier. Not related to the sewer rate increases.

Powderly - having trouble approving at this time
Nutting - you will need this eventually, could it wait a year, I am trying to be proactive, will we need all of it next year
Nutting - either way it is coming, pay me now or pay me later
Whalen - under different circumstances, it would be a prudent way to proceed. Back to back, 10% when not necessary

Nutting - the surplus has varied year to year, we have used it for road repairs, water system needs improvements all the time, 160 miles of water system even at 2 miles per year it is 80 year project

Mason - no question of economy is still pour, it is a perception problem, if we can spend down it a little, it may more sense - if we can tighten our belt it may help

Nutting - only authorize a rate for 2012, and not for 2013

Powderly, motion to amend, to have only the 2012 rate increase of 10% 

motion to approve amendment - passed 9-0 
motion to approve bylaw - passed 9-0 (via roll call)

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