Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Live reporting - Liquor license failures

Alcoholic Beverages Licensees – Failure to Pass Compliance Check – 7:10

all events took place on Friday July 29, 2011

Devita’s Market
purchase without question for asking for an ID, second offense, 5 days suspension, hold two days in abeyance, and have them serve the three days

no excuses, embarrassed by this matter

need to have one of three days on the day that they were in violation
letter sent in February to alert license holders of grant received and tests to come

discussion on days, three days in a row starting Friday, or three Fridays?
not done three Fridays before - going with Wed, Thu, Fri
9/21, 22, 23
motion to approve, passed 9-0

Joe’s American Bar and Grill
license asked for but did not get caught as underage
MA license is different orientation for underage drivers

1st suspense, recommended 3 days, with 2 days in abeyance

1st violation in multiple restaurants, staff is trained internally as well as TIPS training
model employee with them 13 years and simply blew it

agreeable to one day served this Friday, remaining open but no alcohol

motion to approve, passed 9-0

Tedeschi Food Shop
1st offense, similar to Joe's

they can't afford to have this to happen but it can, TIPS training
outside company used to check compliance as well
registers prompt for ID, but it all comes down to the person
suspended immediately upon violation and review of prior experience
busy, distracted, didn't card, no excuses, we failed, won't happen again

motion to approve for one night (9/16), passed 9-0

Uptowne Pub
1st offense

incident happened just before the doorman came on duty
aware of and staff for this
was not asked in this case, clarified by Chief's detailed report

motion to approve, one day (9/16), passed 9-0

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