Thursday, September 15, 2011

"I'm going to let the voters decide"

"I'm really surprised that more people aren't interested in the Town Council and the School Committee," said Town Clerk Deborah Pellegri, a 27-year incumbent who does face a challenger, former Town Councilor Deborah Bartlett. "We've had so much going on. People have been blogging left and right, and I wish some of these people would come forward and run." 
Every one of the nine Town Council seats and all seven School Committee seats are available every two years. 
The Town Council has only eight candidates who have returned nomination papers so far. Incumbents Glenn Jones, Tina Powderly, Robert Vallee and Judith Pond Pfeffer are running. New hopefuls include School Committee Chairman Jeff Roy, School Building Committee Chairman Thomas Mercer, Robert Dellorco and Juan Ramon Rivera. 
Councilors Joseph McGann and Matthew Kelly have taken out but not yet returned nomination papers. At last night's council, McGann, who would be running for his fifth term, said three councilors have asked him not to run because of missed meetings.

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The attendance records for Town Council and School Committee for the past two years are available here

Note: the School Committee records are not up to date but the attendance percent is high and their record is consistent. The Town Council has some folks with shady attendance records. The majority of those with poor records are not running for a new term. One will be. So if you want your voice to be represented half the time time (54%), that will be your choice.

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