Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Live reporting - Closing

K. TOWN ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT workshop for new councilors on 11/16tax hearing for Nov 30


M. NEW BUSINESS meeting next week, rescheduled for Sep 28

McGann - three comments from councilors about not running again due to his missed meetings, doesn't think it is the council members decision, will let the voters make that decision, you have 12 good candidates to make a choice, my name will be on the ballot, it will be up to the voters to have their say
Kelly - thanks to all for help on Irene, thanks to the Y for opening their doors

Jones - what is the policy on the Kennedy fund raising?
Nutting - it is up to the Kennedy community to raise the money

Whalen -  speaking to the cuts of personnel that is not getting to the other departments rather than the Schools and Library, can we get the department heads in periodically to have the folks hear about the effect of the cuts.

Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required

motion to go to executive session, passed 9-0

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