Saturday, September 17, 2011

Parmenter: Back to Football Friday

The NFL is sponsoring a Back to Football Friday whereby they will award 34 $10,000 grants to benefit Health and Wellness in local schools in a country wide competition.

What Parmenter did was to incorporate community service as a way to not only stress the importance of Health & Wellness but to also stress the importance of community service. We collected:
P - Paper Products
A - Animal Products
T - Toiletries
S - Stuffed Animals
These items will be distributed to the Friends of Franklin, Franklin Food Pantry, Animal Shelters, etc.

We took pictures of all our students and a few of smaller groups. Our group picture is still with our photographer, but here are two pictures of smaller groups.

One has all our items that we collected (which were abundant):


One at our school sign.


Thanks to Mary Jo Peterson and Jennifer Taddeo, a couple of "community contributors", who provided info and photos from the event at the Parmenter School on Friday.

If you have a local event or good news about Franklin to share, please let me know. Good news is always welcomed!

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