Friday, September 16, 2011

"Do I have to do anything?"

The Milford Daily News has a follow up conversation with Police Chief Stephen Williams who is scheduled to retire in December:

Williams worked his way through the ranks exclusively in Franklin, an advantage he said he hopes his successor will have. 
"It's an advantage for me to be a homegrown boy in that I know the people and the players - knowing what Franklin is, what it has been and what it will be," Williams said. 
Williams said his replacement will most importantly have to be connected to and involved with the community, pointing to officers who pay attention to local government decisions, coach school sports, visit senior centers and care about downtown parking problems. 
"Those are very key components of having a department that's well-entrenched in the community," Williams said. "The new chief will continue to build those bridges and friendships."

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Chief William's retirement was announced during the Town Council meeting Wednesday night

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